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Adopt a Grandparent features three seasonal programs designed to benefit isolated, low income and/or mobility limited seniors:

Spring Clean Up

Spring Clean Up is the companion program to Fall Fix Up. It also helps seniors maintain their home but achieves this goal by arranges for volunteer groups to complete smaller projects that do not require professional expertise. This is anything from painting a fence and planting flowers to cleaning out a garage. This program runs from April 1 – July 31.

Support seniors in your community!

Spring Clean Up is only in its third year and we are excited about the new directions this program is taking CSRS. A major barrier to seniors remaining independent is their inability to perform basic home maintenance and yard work. Spring Clean Up works with volunteer groups to help seniors with landscaping and small outdoor projects to keep their home in good condition, improve their morale and sense of pride in their home and help keep neighbourhoods beautiful.

It is hard to imagine how painful it would be to sit by and watch the home you love become overgrown and slowly fall apart because you cannot do anything about it. Occasionally we notice the long grass on the house down the block, or the chipping paint on a neighbour’s windows but we rarely think about the people inside those homes. In Calgary hundreds of those homes belong to vulnerable seniors who need help. With your support and the support of our community we can give them the safe and beautiful homes they deserve.

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Fall Fix Up

Fall Fix Up in the companion program to Spring Clean Up. We arrange for our corporate partners, including sponsors and local home building companies, to do small renovation projects on seniors home. Examples of past projects include replacing carpet with laminate floor to ease the use of a wheelchair and replacing kitchen counters which were in need of repair. This program runs from August 1 – October 31.

Christmas Cheer Up

Our most well known program is Christmas Cheer Up, which dispatches volunteer elves to deliver “stockings” filled to the brim (with both useful and luxurious items) and visit with lonely seniors for a few hours during the winter holidays.

Many of us take our friends and family, turkey and tree for granted at Christmastime.
We forget that there are people who are less fortunate than we are living next door or down the street. Poverty, hunger and loneliness are the reality for hundreds and hundreds of seniors in Calgary. Yes, Calgary. You may not see them, but they are there…and we need your help to reach out and make their lives a little bit better.


They worked with smiles.

“It’s been painful and embarrassing to watch my house fall into disrepair since my husband died and I couldn’t do any work on it myself. I wanted to hire someone but they all charged too much and I couldn’t afford their help on my income. I had given up to the idea that my house would never be beautiful again until one day the phone rang and they asked me if I wanted to be a part of this program.

The group who came were so great. They worked with smiles on their faces while cleaning, fixing and painting and when they finished my house looked beautiful and I felt so much better.”