How your donations to Pet Assist keep pets, and their seniors, together, like the loveable Jack, Shirley’s best friend


"Shirley" (this client asked that we change her name) is new to Calgary. Originally from a small town in rural Alberta, her children convinced her to move to Calgary after her husband passed away so she would have access to more services and support. At the time her daughter lived in Calgary as well, but shortly after Shirley made the move, her daughter had to relocate to the U.S. as her husband received a job transfer. Now Shirley finds herself in a strange city, with little to no friends or family. However, she does have her loyal companion, Jack. Jack is an 11 year old dog, a small mix with a grinning smile and shaggy hair. He’s been with Shirley and her husband since he was 8 weeks old. For 11 years old he still has a ton of energy. Shirley walks him when she can but in the small apartment, he’s still whipping around like an energizer bunny as it’s hard for her to tire him out. 


Shirley has COPD and requires an oxygen tank, arthritis in her knees, and she struggles with her mobility. She’s also very low-income and luckily she qualified for Access Calgary, which she says is a great help for her to get around and run errands. However, she worries about little Jack and would love for someone to help take him for longer walks a couple of times per week. He also has a kidney condition that requires special food which is expensive and that she struggles to afford. Transportation to the vet is also a barrier, as she isn’t able to manage him and her oxygen tank on longer trips. In her hometown things were much easier; she had friends, she knew her vet for several decades, he would even come to her home when needed. She and Jack give each other much happiness and companionship; you can tell the love is mutually unconditional. The help of a volunteer or two would relieve the weight off of Shirley’s shoulders and she wouldn’t have to worry about whether Jack is getting enough exercise, or be faced with the choice between affording her dogs dietary food or medication for herself.


~ Emma, Calgary Seniors Volunteer Coordinator

Your donations to Pet Assist not only provide a volunteer that offers support with exercise, clean-up, feeding, grooming etc., but it also supports our special pet food bank!


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