Social services and supports can be complex to understand and manage. Luckily for our seniors, outreach workers can ease the stress of a complex system, making the process less daunting and more achievable.  


"Jack" (this client asked that we change his name) came to Calgary Seniors Outreach program while on Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (under 65) and was initially referred by a community advocate for help applying for his pensions.


He lives independently in a senior’s building, but has limited social and family supports, as well as significant health and mobility challenges. Jack uses a walker, but still finds it very difficult to get around. He also has some memory issues which cause some difficulty in remembering dates and times. Unfortunately, Jack has also experienced a history of physical, financial, verbal, and emotional abuse.


Jack was connected with one of our Calgary Seniors outreach workers who helped him apply for and follow up with all his pension applications. We also helped him apply for other supports like subsidized senior’s housing, Calgary Transit Access, in-home supports and financial benefits, and also helped the client navigate and plan for managing some debts. Next, we helped Jack obtain healthy food, and provided some support through Calgary Seniors emergency fund to help Jack with managing his money and getting basic needs. Finally, we helped Jack coordinate different supports through our Calgary Seniors Volunteer Supports team.


We are continuing to work with Jack towards some future goals which will help him remain independent for the long-term. Today Jack has transitioned to pensions from AISH, has access to all his basic needs, has paid down debts significantly, and is looking forward to having them all paid off before the end of next year. While there are still gaps and barriers for Jack, our programs have helped him navigate the various support systems and get connected to what he needs to remain independent.

~ A Calgary Seniors Social Worker


Supporting Community Outreach provides case workers who help seniors navigate the complex system,

which seniors like Jack can be hesitant to undertake on their own.


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