A simple call can have huge impacts for isolated seniors, like Ermenia,

who slowly lose social connections.


Ermenia is 79 years old and the primary care provider to her husband. She immigrated to Canada from northern Italy in 1964 with her husband and his two brothers. Ermenia speaks both Italian and English. When she came to Canada, she cried for months because she missed her family and experienced culture shock due to the language barrier and difference in life styles. Ermenia says what she misses most about Italy is her 3 sisters (whom she still talks to every week), being able to understand the language fluently, and having all the shops, grocery stores, and church within walking distance of her home. She finds herself very isolated in Canada because she is not able to see her sisters, the majority of her Canadian friends have either passed away or are spending time with their own families, and she is not able to drive.

Since her husband is no longer able to drive, Ermenia’s outside social interaction with others has become limited. She tries to go for at least a 30 minute walk each day to keep her heart strong and enjoys painting and crafting when she has the energy for it. Due to the fact she is the primary caregiver for her husband, Ermenia often feels very isolated. She is looking to have a telephone volunteer through the Phone Friends program because she says, “it would be a relief knowing that someone is there for me”.


~ Brittany, Calgary Seniors Volunteer Coordinator


Your donation will provide a friendly volunteer who will call Ermenia regularly to provide an ear and

peace of mind that she is not alone.


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