Friendly visiting provides measurable benefits to our seniors, as well as the volunteers who connect with them. 


Pat is a newly registered client in our Friendly Visiting program. She was initially referred to us by her daughter who expressed concerns about Pat being socially isolated.


Pat and her husband previously lived in a small town in Ontario. They moved to Calgary 18 years ago to support their daughters’ needs of finding jobs. In her 30s, Pat’s vision began deteriorating leading her to become completely blind. With her loss of vision came the limitations in both her work life and social life. In January 2019, Pat lost her husband of 56 years. She had relied on him for both social and household support, and did not feel confident without him. While he was around, he would take walks with her and help her with little things such as reading recipes for dishes she would make. She also did not have many friends on her own because she socialized with her husband. The death of her husband left her feeling isolated, depressed, and often anxious.  She still feels like she is in Calgary for holidays, even though she does live here, because there is so much that she has yet to explore and experience.


Today, Pat is currently on our waitlist seeking a volunteer companion who will accompany her in going out more often, and keep her company. Having a companion who provides a social connection will be a great way to help her feel more confident in herself, keep her from feeling lonely, and help her feel more at home in Calgary.


~ Toni, Calgary Seniors Program Coordinator


Your donation will provide training for a friendly volunteer who will support a senior with a friendly face to visit,

creating lasting impacts on both sides.


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